Thursday, September 23, 2010


here i am going to post some of my opinions on some different random subjects. please note: these are merely opinions of an anonymous self confessed bum and do not mean anything more. opinions are like assholes, everybody has one and they all stink.


well where im from (new zealand), politics really actually mean fuck all to the people. all it is, is a bunch of old bastards stealing dead babies identities and blaming each other for so called 'problems', usually which are their own fault and only tend to regard aucklands roading problems (it's not even the capital city of nz for fucks sake)


we are all people, why can't we just get along? i for one hate all races equally, and yes i do make stereotype judgements on people, but does this make me culturist or racist? 9/10 the stereotype fits (especially for nz natives). it pisses me off when people from other cultures come to our country though and dont even bother to learn english properly, if i moved to your country would i be expected to learn to speak your language, or would i expect everyone else to learn engrish?


makes the world go around. if it weren't for music i'm sure there would probably be a quarter of the population there is at the moment, due to insanity-induced suicide rates going through the roof.


i fucking love cats.


i've only recently re-kindled my love for art, i hadn't done any myself since school until recently. feels good man. everyone should do art in some form, just for creative expression. it makes you feel better.

video games:

play moar.

and that about covers it for now. thanks for reading and check back regularly!

tuned in

here is some music that i am currently enjoying, i hope you enjoy also. spor is one of the baddest men alive :3

 omg that has to be the best fucking tune ive ever heard. literally.

moar art blox

here is some more art for you guys from the same guy as before, i managed to dig up the link for his blog, so make sure you go and check it out. some of his journeys he goes on are amazing as well as the photography. you can find him here at;

everyone loves broken beats

this is my last post for the evening, i shall leave with you some music which i personally love at the moment. alix perez is one of the most innovative young producers in the drum and bass game at the moment, and has dipped his feet into one of the more energetic styles of drum and bass making clubs go wild all around the world at the moment. two of the featured tunes are collaborations with foreign beggars, who i would as go as far as saying are the greatest sounding rappers alive. make sure you check out the other bits on the dark days ep, as these really are next level tunes. please enjoy, and remember, comments go a long way!

please excuse the horrible emcee on this one trying to do bars over the beggars.
everybody loves banksy.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

im feeling arty

these aren't my own original works, just some i found on a guys blog a while back. i have a few more saved i will post up later for you guys, sorry to the original artist, i can not remember your name nor URL to your site, so if miraculously you stumble upon my page, feel free to comment and i will post the credits due. 

good new music im feeling right now

big futuristic hip-hop-esque coming from none another than the man lynx himself. this ones got a mad natural feel up on it. everyone knows this man is the king of alternative anthems, so check it out and while your at it check out the seed dubstep remix below, both coming on detail recordings sometime soon!

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